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What Are The Uses Of Stainless Steel Rolls
May 21, 2018

1. Automobile industry

Stainless steel rolls are not only resistant to corrosion, but also lighter in weight, so they are widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as a large number of stainless steel rolls, for example, a car needs about 10-30 kilograms of stainless steel rolls, of which 40 kilograms of stainless steel rolls are needed for American cars. . Now some of the big international brands are starting to use stainless steel rolls as structural materials for cars, which can not only greatly reduce the weight of vehicles, but also greatly improve the service life of the car. In addition, stainless steel coil panels are widely used in buses, high speed rail and subway.

2, water storage and transportation industry

Water is easy to be polluted during storage and transportation. Therefore, the storage and transportation equipment for material is very critical. The storage and water supply equipment based on stainless steel coil is the most hygienic, safest and most efficient water industry equipment. At present, the health requirements and safety requirements for the storage and transportation of production and living water are getting higher and higher, and the traditional materials storage and transportation equipment can not meet our needs. Therefore, stainless steel rolls will become the important raw materials for the production of water storage and transportation equipment in the future.

3. In the construction industry

Stainless steel coil is actually used in the field of construction. It is an important building material in construction industry or raw material for building construction materials. Decorative panels and wall decoration of buildings are usually made of stainless steel coils. They are not only durable, but also very beautiful. With the continuous development of interior decoration, more and more stainless steel rolls are used as decorative materials in the home clothing industry. All kinds of stainless steel rolls can not only be used as outsourced buildings, but also can be made into various decorative plates.

In addition to being applied to the above two main fields, stainless steel coil is also applied to the home appliance manufacturing industry. Stainless steel panels are used in the production of many appliances such as televisions, washing machines and refrigerators. With the continuous failure of the appliance industry, the potential of stainless steel coil has great room for expansion in this field.