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Traditional Coatings
Jun 29, 2018

There are several types of traditional coatings, the most advanced of which are fluorocarbon coatings, which can last almost 20 years. Generally from the steel mill in the form of the drum distribution to various places. The color steel plate we often see refers to the processed plate, with a thickness of about 50~100mm. It is composed of the middle filler and the color steel plate on both sides. Among them, the color plate thickness is 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm and other different thickness, and the intermediate layer can be polyurethane, rock wool or foam plastics, etc. Because of the special profile, the factory constructed with color steel plate was built quickly (such as xiaotangshan hospital in SARS), but the strength was low. The base plate of colored steel plate is cold-rolled substrate, hot-dip galvanized substrate and galvanized substrate. Coating types can be divided into polylipids, silicone modified polylipids, polyurethane and plastic sol. The surface state of painted steel plate can be divided into coating plate, embossing plate and printing plate. Painted steel is widely used in the building electrical appliances and transportation industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel structure factory building, airports, warehouses and refrigeration industries, and the roof of commercial buildings such as walls and doors, less civil building is made of color steel plate. The advantages of color steel include good corrosion resistance, bright color, beautiful appearance, convenient processing and forming, and low cost.