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The United States Continues To Impose Anti-dumping Duties On Japanese Tinplate And Chrome Plate
Jun 27, 2018

6.4-8 the US International Trade Commission (USITC) has decided to maintain the current anti-dumping measures on Japanese tin plate and chromium-plated thin steel plate sold to the United States. KojiKakigi, President of the JapanIron&SteelFederation, called the move "inappropriate and regrettable".

KojiKakigi on June 1, said in a statement: "in the sunset review procedures, the Japanese steel industry think that deregulation of tinplate imports from Japan and chrome plated steel sheet of anti-dumping measures, is unlikely to cause significant damage after the relevant bit of America's manufacturing industry."

KojiKakigi warned: "the Japanese steel industry will carefully study the us decision and then make an appropriate response and response."

KojiKakigi is also chairman of JFE steel. JFE steel corporation is one of the three largest steelmakers in Japan, in November 1999, Washington is the company exports to the us tinplate and chrome plated steel sheet launched anti-dumping investigations, and in 2000 began in August to impose anti-dumping duties on these products.

We have learned, since 2000, JFE steel corporation, Oriental Japanese companies (ToyoKohan) and Nippon steel companies (NipponSteel&SumitomoMetalCorp) anti-dumping rate reached 95.29%, and for other Japanese steel exporters of this kind of products are exported to the anti-dumping rate is 32.52%.

The us international trade commission has held three sunset reviews in the past 18 years and decided unanimously to maintain tariffs in each meeting. Although KojiKakigi denounced the move, but Japan iron and steel federation and its representative of the Japanese steel companies may no longer be the us anti-dumping duties, because the United States is no longer the Japanese tinplate and chrome plated steel sheet export destination.

When antidumping measures were not in place in 1999, the United States was Japan's key steel export market, with 329,600 tons of tinplate and chrome plate exported to the United States that year. This is in marked contrast to the 1,198 tons of the same products sold to the United States in the january-april period.

Japanese steel mills exported a total of 216,000 tonnes of tin-plated steel to countries around the world in the first four months of 2018, up 15 per cent year on year, according to customs data. Over the same period, Japan exported 107,800 tons of chromium-plated thin steel plates, up 23% from a year earlier.