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The Thin Plate Longitudinal Shear Production Line
Jul 19, 2018

Thin plate slitting line slitting line, also known as metal coil slitting machine, is a production line, the disc knife cuts the main line to a specific width of the small coil. Sheet slitting line is loaded by the coil car,, single core shaft decoiling, feeding the coil end, shovel, double roller pinch feeding, three roller leveling, final cut, take heart, disk slitting, scrap reeling hole accumulator, separator, tension, recoil, discharging coil car, hydraulic control and electric control

The thin plate longitudinal shear production line is suitable for the thickness of spiral steel belt (0.2-1) mm, mm (0.3-2), (0.3-3) mm and (0.4-4) mm. At the same time the strip width is changeable: 600MM. 1000MM, 1250mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, etc.