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The Style Of Color Coated Board Is More And More Diversified
May 25, 2017

With the continuous development of society, people for color coating board is more and more, but the manufacturers are also in constant development, so its various specifications, a variety of colors have, because there is a variety of them to meet the needs of people, the following company editors for everyone to introduce:

Color plate is widely used. With pollution-free, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing characteristics. Color steel plate is widely used in construction, home appliances, transportation, packaging, mechanical processing, interior decoration, medical, automotive industry.

Color plate is now the mainstream of the field of construction, in fact, it has so high evaluation is it with a step-by-step strength and efforts to fight out, in fact, it still has many notable features, such as light weight per square metre only 10 to 14 kilograms, equivalent to one-thirtieth of the brick wall, high strength can be used as a ceiling furnace structural plate bearing, compression bending, rich color, a variety of different colors, can meet the different requirements of users. The construction is convenient and quick, can shorten the construction cycle, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, long life and so on, these advantages are enough to prove that it occupies a stable position in the market, but also to allow more people to enjoy it brought good.

Color plate The future trend of development focus on product diversification, functional, high-grade, such as deep stamping color coated board, "pomelo Peel" color coated board, anti-static color coated board, pollution-resistant color coated board, high heat-absorbing color coated board.