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The Fixed Inductors
Aug 20, 2018

The fixed inductors are classified according to the structure. The fixed inductors are commonly used inductors. Inductors can be divided into wire-wound inductors and non-wire-wound inductors (multilayered, printed inductors, etc.) according to their different structures, and also into stationary inductors and adjustable inductors. Next, I will introduce the fixed inductor to you in detail.

A stationary inductor is actually a stationary coil. It can be a single-layer coil, a multi-layer coil, a honeycomb coil and a coil with a magnetic core. In order to reduce the volume of the fixed inductor, according to the inductance and the maximum dc working current, the corresponding diameter of wire is selected to be wound on the magnetic core, and then put into the plastic shell, sealed with epoxy resin.

The fixed inductor is usually made by enameled wire directly wound on the magnetic core, mainly used in the circuit of filtering, oscillation, notch wave, delay, and so on. It has sealed type and non-sealed type, and both forms have vertical type and horizontal type.