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Jun 15, 2018

The spline axis is an axis with a series of parallel keys with a series of axes and corresponding to the key slots on the hub or assembly. The distribution is compared with a series of key slots or wedge keyways on a shaft with a shaft with many grooves. The latter structure will weaken the strength of the shaft to a certain extent, because a lot of grooves on the shaft will reduce its torque transmission capability.

The three most commonly used occasions of the spline shaft: 1) the coupling shaft for carrying relatively heavy loads without sliding; 2) gears, pulleys, and other rotating equipment used to transfer power, which can be mounted for sliding or fixed installation; 3) for attachments requiring displacement to count or change at the angle position. . It
The spline with straight teeth is applied to many occasions (see the parallel spline in the soft broaching of the SAE device); however, the use of the involute spline is being steadily promoted for reasons: 1) the involute spline has the ability to transfer torque greater than the other spline, and 2) they can be processed with the same technology and equipment for producing gear. 3) although there is a gap between the meshing parts, they can be automatically clocked in the load state.