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Sheet Metal Application
Jul 16, 2018

In the developed countries, the steel plate production accounts for about 50 ~ 60% of the total steel production, and the thin steel plate production accounts for more than half of the total steel plate production. The production of thin steel plate and strip steel has developed greatly in recent years. On the other hand is due to supply under the condition of modern technology may have a lot of variety and low fares and friendly sheet, strip steel, which makes the automated metal processing lines in each industrial sector increasingly use steel sheet and strip steel as raw materials, which in turn to further promote the development of thin strip production. Sheet produced in comprehensive utilization of the modern metallurgy, mechanical and electrical and computing technology of the latest scientific achievements, in the steel rolling workshop can take the largest, the highest degree in production process of mechanization and automation of the workshop, is the production of steel rolling to the pioneer in the development of modernization.