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Quality Factor And Distributed Capacitance
Aug 06, 2018

The quality factor Q is a physical quantity representing the coil mass. Q is the ratio of the inductive XL to its equivalent resistance, i.e.,Q =XL/R.

The higher the Q value of the coil, the smaller the loss of the loop. The Q value of the coil is related to the dc resistance of the wire, the dielectric loss of the frame, the loss caused by the shield or iron core, and the influence of high frequency skin effect. The Q value of the coil is usually between tens and hundreds.

Distributed capacitance

The capacitance between the turn and turn of the coil, between the coil and the shield, between the coil and the bottom plate is called distributed capacitance. The existence of distributed capacitance makes the Q value of the coil decrease and the stability of the coil decrease, so the smaller the distribution capacitance of the coil is, the better.