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JY- (0.3-2) X 1300mm Metal Coil Cutter At Venezeula
Jul 27, 2018

JY- (0.3-2) x 1300mm metal coil cutter at Venezeula

Coil materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, color plate

Strip thickness :(0.3-2) mm

Is the largest. strip

Coil: Φ 508 mm or vacuum

Outside of the coil diameter: 1800 mm Φ

Maximum width: inner diameter of 1300mm. Roll weight: 15,000 kg

Shearing machine: 55KW dc motor

Cutting machine axis: Ф 205 mentioned 1400 mm machine

Disc cutter axis: ID205mm X OD310mm X 10MM, 6CrW2Si (H13, skd-11).

Disconnecting disk: the OD180mm x 6mm mentioned in ID75 is 65MN

Tensioning to peel off by rubbing wool felt around the board.

Receiving block: Ф mentioned in 508 to 1400 mm

Receiving motor: 75KW dc motor

Electrical control: Europe 590 dc drive cabinet plus control panel,

Cutting speed: maximum 80 m, adjustable.

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