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Installation Method Of PVC Sink
Jun 15, 2018

Installation method of PVC sink:

1. Level the installation position of the rain tank, and use ink to flick the line from the beginning to the end.

2. Take out the rain tank from the package bag, place the rain tank on the ground or scaffolding smoothly, and install the horizontal rain tank in the water tank, and cut one with the cutter

The rain spout has a hole the size of a spout.

3. Slowly insert the rainwater hopper into the rain tank to the launching position.

4. Install the spreader on the rain tank; Insert and master the spacing in sequence. The distance between two adjacent spreaders is 40~45CM.

5. Use the electric drill (drill no. 6) to punch holes in the position of the bullet line at a distance of 40-45cm, and punch into the expansion pipe.

6. Place the rain sink in the position of the spanned wire, adjust the distance of the "hook hanger", and then fix the hook and rain tank with 4 x less than 40 stainless screws.

7. When meeting the turning Angle of rain tank, it is necessary to use "adapter" to connect the "Yang Angle" and "Yin Angle". The connection part of rain tank and rain tank should also be connected with "adapter".

8. During the installation of rain tank, in order to prevent water leakage, it is necessary to put glass glue and PVC glue on the corresponding accessories such as the latch and adapter.