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Features Of Metal Roof Tiles
Jun 11, 2018

1. Lightweight roof materials, colored stone metal tiles made of aluminum-galvanized plates, are only 1/6 of ordinary cement tiles, facilitating handling and construction, thus saving construction time and costs.
2. The unique structure of the metal tile roof can be suitable for different weather and play a protective role. Color stone metal tile can effectively resist heavy snow and hail, with fire resistant earthquake and other functions
3. Color stone metal tile roof structure can prevent fracture, slip, not easy to curl, color stone metal tile has excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
4. Metal tile roof structure facilitates disassembly, reinstallation and significantly reduces roof construction costs
Based on high quality aluminum-zinc plating material, metal roof tile is an ideal choice for new roof tile, which is made of green waterborne acrylic acid and sintered colored sand with high weather resistance.
It is suitable for various buildings and can also be safely constructed for roof slopes(12-90 degrees), especially for "flat slope and roof renovation" works.