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Corrugated Board
Nov 05, 2018

Corrugated board (plastic board) is a new decorative material, three-dimensional, fluid, colorful. The three-dimensional corrugated board will become the mainstream decoration material to guide fashion and create a beautiful living space environment. As a result of the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, the production of plain board, white board, color board, gold and silver foil board, beautiful modeling, sophisticated technology, noble generous, uniform structure, dimensional stability, three-dimensional sense. Still can according to customer request, order the ripple board of different corrugated board design, color, modelling, all round but join together, undertake domestic act the role of project, furniture sticks a berth. In addition to adding luxury and elegance to your working environment, it also creates a high-class fashion and freehand life for you. The company also produces 430# and 409# stainless steel cold rolling and hot rolling coil (plate) of different thickness (0.1mm-3.0mm). According to customer requirements, we can order ba surface, stretch material and other kinds of stainless steel cold-rolling coil, used in the manufacture of high-grade disinfection kitchen cabinets, trash cans, range hood, gas, tableware, etc. Add a sense of The Times to modern life.