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Colour Coil Coating Structure
Jul 02, 2018

V coating structure type

2/1: apply the top surface twice, the bottom surface once, and bake twice.

2/1m: apply the top and bottom surfaces twice and bake once.

2/2: apply the upper and lower surfaces twice and bake twice.

V USES of different coating structures:

2/1: the corrosion resistance of the single-layer back paint is poor, but it has good adhesion

To be applied to sandwich board;

2/1m: the paint on the back has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and processing molding ability, and good adhesion

Properties, suitable for single - layer pressure type plate and sandwich plate.

2/2: the corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and processing formability of the double-layer back paint are better, most of which are used for single coat

Laminated plate, but its bad adhesion, should not be used for sandwich board.