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Classification Of Fixed Inductors
Aug 22, 2018

1. Vertical seal fixed inductor; The vertical seal fixed inductor adopts the homo-type pin. The inductance range of domestic products is 0.1-2,200 + H(directly on the enclosure), the rated working current is 0.05-1.6a, and the error range is + / -5% ~ + / -10%. The inductance range of imported products is larger and the error is smaller. Imported TDK series color code inductors whose inductance is marked on the inductor surface.

2. Horizontal seal fixed inductor; Horizontal sealing fixed inductor adopts axial pin, domestic series include LG1, LGA, LGX, etc.

The inductance range of LG1 series fixed inductors is 0.1~ 22,000 mm H(directly on the enclosure), the rated working current is 0.05~ 1.6a, and the error range is plus or minus 5%~ plus or minus 10%.

LGA series fixed inductors are of super small size and similar appearance to 1/2w color ring resistors. Their inductance range is 0.22-100 micromh (with color ring on the casing) and rated current is 0.09~ 0.4a.

LGX series fixed inductors are also of small package structure, with inductance range of 0.1~ 10,000 current H, and forehead passenger current is divided into four specifications of 50mA, 150mA, 300mA and 1.6a.