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Characteristics Of Color Steel Pressure Plate And Its Development In China
May 25, 2017

First, color steel pressure plate characteristics:

1, color steel pressure plate shape beautiful novel, rich color, decorative, flexible combination, can express different architectural style;

2, color steel pressure plate weight (6e 10k) high strength (yield strength 250), with good Monpigan degree, waterproof agent seismic performance is good;

3. High quality of factory products

4, color steel pressure plate construction Convenient installation, reduce the installation, transport workload, shorten the construction period;

5, color steel pressure plate is environmentally-friendly building materials, recyclable, and promote the use of profiled steel plate in line with national economic sustainable development policy;

6, color steel pressure plate monomer material price is higher, and concrete or masonry enclosure material compared, durability is poor.

Color Steel Press Type plate

Second, the application and development of color steel pressure plate in China:

Color steel pressure plate in the United States in in the 1930 of the 20th century, the early 80 Wisco, Baosteel introduced color coated steel production line, since then China began to apply the domestic color coated pressure plate for industrial buildings, such as MasterCard plant, the National cotton and grain warehouse, the development zone, and other factory buildings. With the rapid development of applied technology of color-coated profiled plate, the application scope is expanding and the dosage is increasing.

Entering the 21st century, the rapid development of national economy, color coated steel plate has been from general industrial buildings into large public buildings, such as airport terminals, railway stations, sports venues, concert halls, Grand theatres, 2008 Olympic venues. Building roof, the floor and Metope adopt the Force and the connection more reasonable plate type, the construction method is more scientific and as if is the performance stronger aluminum zinc plate, the aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate, the titanium alloy plate, the stainless steel and so on research and development, has greatly improved the application technical level of the sub type metal plate.

In terms of plate-type construction and standards, the second generation of pressure plate products, such as undercut structure, fastener structure and concealed connection of fastener, have been developed, and the closed-type plate building has already been used. The Laminate plate (substrate) of the peer pressure plate has been added to the aluminum plate and galvanized aluminum plate, the coating plate increased the vinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating board, high weathering polyester coating Board (HDP) and other new products; related international "continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and steel belt", "color coated steel plate and steel belt", "Steel structure engineering construction quality acceptance code And so on.