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Characteristics Of Aluminum-zinc Coated Plate
May 25, 2017

Examples of products in practical application are as follows:

Substrate selection: AZ150 (Aluminum-zinc-plated 150g M2;) G345a high strength galvanized steel sheet (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon)

Coating type: fluorocarbon coating (PVDF)

Coating structure: 2/22 Coating two baking

Coating thickness: 5020 μ m

Corrosion data: Ace 35 Shan, 1000 good, scribe no Blister below 2mm

Quing: 2000hrs, Color difference Max 2, light retention rate of more than 90%

The above data show that the aluminum-coated galvanized color coated plate (Az150) is very suitable for the extreme environment of the building or other facilities, extremely corrosion and weather resistance, and this kind of steel plate each big steel mills can guarantee more than 20 years of service life. In addition, HIGH-STRENGTH steel plate has been widely used in foreign countries, with good economic and domestic development trend.