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Basic Knowledge Of Precoated Coil Coatings
Jun 02, 2018

I. definition of precoated coils

On the roll of sheet metal after coating paint, in rolls or sheet form to sell organic material/metal composite plate, also become the organic coating steel, coated steel sheet, color coated steel sheet, etc. Customers can directly process the molding, no painting process. The coatings used on the surface of such materials are called precoated coil coatings.

Ii. Types and applications of precoated coils

Base material plate mainly cold-rolled steel plate, electric galvanized steel, galvanized steel, alloyed galvanized steel, galvanized steel plate, aluminum hot dip aluminum, zinc steel plate, hot dip aluminum plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc. Black body is the most commonly used, now aluminum plate also gradually popular. Generally used outside is hot-dip galvanized steel plate; Cold rolled steel and galvanized steel are used for interior decoration (home appliances, ceiling).

Iii. Classification of preroll coatings

1. According to the coating: A, primer -- provide anti-corrosion and adhesion to the substrate materials, surface film, etc. B, back paint - provide cover, decoration, scratch resistance, etc. C. front paint - decorative, weather resistant, etc. The front coating is usually coated with a primer and a front paint, and the back coating is usually only coated with a back paint.

Generally speaking, the customer matte front paint will use matte powder, the back paint does not necessarily use matte powder, primer does not use matte powder.

As the primer and back paint are rarely used as a matte, the following topics are discussed in terms of topcoat.

2. The topcoat is classified according to the resin system

A. Polyester finish - the largest number of products on the market, mostly used for ordinary buildings and home appliances color plates.

B. Acrylic lacquers -- poor processing performance, generally used for processing surface with low requirements (such as low-grade rolled aluminum products).

C. Fluorocarbon topcoat -- external building color plate with high weatherability requirements, which can be used as self-cleaning surface paint.

D. Organic silicon finish paint -- special purpose color plate, self-cleaning products.

Rolled steel products and aluminum products formula structure and types of resin were no obvious difference (in fact and the lacquer that bake also is very close, is conducted by amino resin curing), cancellation, light powder basically is to see their terminal customer use areas, our point of view before coil aluminum with fine particle size, volume of steel with the idea of coarse particle size of product is not completely correct.

At the moment we extinction powder products used in the first kind of paint products by customers for most (polyester paint), generally add quantity is less, reference addition amount of 1% to 1%, generally white product is easier to extinction, black products are harder to extinction. Tehran, aluminium, iron oxide red color such as somewhere in between these two products, normal test should be black and white do it again, but in different color we extinction powder dispersion, extinction trend is no different, a slightly difference between black and white degrees.