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Applications Of Sensors Applications Of Sensors
Sep 03, 2018

The domain covers mechanical manufacturing, industrial process control, automotive electronics, communications electronics, consumer electronics and specialized equipment. The specialized equipment mainly includes professional electronic equipment applied in the fields of medical treatment, environmental protection and meteorology. The field of medicine is now an emerging and profitable market for sensors that demand miniaturization, low cost, and high reliability. Sensors used in the industrial automation industry, such as process control, industrial machinery and conventional; Of various measuring process variables (such as temperature, liquid level, pressure, flow, etc.); Measurement of electrical characteristics (current, voltage, etc.) and physical quantities (motion, speed, load, and strength), as well as conventional proximity/orientation sensors developed rapidly. The rapid growth of mobile phone production and the increasing number of new features of smart communication electronics bring opportunities and challenges to the sensor market. The growing market share of color screen phones and camera phones increases the usage rate of sensors in this field. In addition, the use of ultrasonic sensors for group phones and cordless phones and magnetic sensors for magnetic storage media will see strong growth. 5. Automobile industry of the modern advanced level of car electronic control system of the key lies in using the number and level of pressure sensor, is a common household car about install dozens to hundred sensors only, and luxury cars on the number of sensors can be up to more than two hundred only, species often amounted to more than 30 species, more than one hundred species.

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