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Advantages And Features Of The Winder
Jul 23, 2018

Advantages and features of the winder:

1. Each production line (sheet slitting production line) is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with customer requirements. Not only that, think carefully, our engineers in the customer's shoes, to ensure that the whole metal rolling material is cut compact, smooth, solid, easy to operate.

2. Ultra-thin coil coil weight is different, the maximum volume weight is small, is usually a single core rod (cantilever) uncoiling machine adopts metal coil slitting, maximum volume weight is 25 tons, is the correct use of double mandrel uncoiler, steel coil slitting machine

3. Customers usually need narrow strips with high precision. We take part in many attention center line control, precision control of cutting parts, precision control of recoil, thin thickness and so on to ensure the precision of cutting.

4. When it comes to stainless steel, galvanized steel plate and color steel coil, we take careful measures, such as rubber roller, smooth transmission plate protection sheet perfect surface without injury.

5. We have obvious advantages in the design and production of hydraulic system in this thin plate slitting production line.

6. We always choose suppliers of hydraulic parts, motors, reducers and electronic parts. At the same time, we want to buy these parts, according to the customer's requirements for special metal coils.

7. We strictly control every step of the production process from material purchasing, welding, machining, hardening and grinding, assembly, painting. Therefore, we can make sure that the quality of the metal coils are cut

8. We can offer the same quality steel coil slitter at a cheaper price, because we are in the production cost, well managed.

9.AC motor or dc motor driver, customers can choose freely. We usually use dc motor and European 590 dc drive, because of its smooth operation, high torque advantage.