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The difference between steel and stainless steel
Jun 01, 2018

The difference between cold rolled steel and stainless steel is that cold rolled steel is a kind of steel and stainless steel is a kind of steel.

: 1, cold rolling is a kind of steel is cold rolling steel after cold rolling production, so the cold rolling for relative stainless steel welding performance is poorer, more brittle, hard surface, not suitable for processing, generally before cold rolling to the customer requirement after annealing, pickling and steps such as surface is flat and level. The performance table of high strength of cold-rolled steel is as follows:9345d688d43f8794efa7015adb1b0ef41bd53a6d.jpg

2, stainless steel is a kind of steel, stainless steel is to point to add the elements such as Cr, Ni alloy steel, stainless steel is also called stainless acid-resistant steel, because stainless steel resistant to weak corrosive medium such as air, water and acid and alkali chemical corrosive medium such as corrosion of steel, corrosion resistant performance of this much better than cold rolled steel.

The thickness difference between cold-rolled steel and stainless steel is also quite large. The maximum thickness of common cold-rolled steel is 8mm, while stainless steel has no limited thickness. Cold rolled steel is mainly made of hot rolled steel coil, each roll can reach 13.5 tons, while the raw material of stainless steel is not limited to steel, as well as chromium, molybdenum and other metals.

Conclusion: cold rolled steel is a kind of steel, which is cold rolled steel. Stainless steel is a kind of steel, which can be divided into many kinds, such as austenitic stainless steel, ferrite stainless steel, etc. Cold rolling steel is a targeted choice in the selection, cold rolling steel is a material, and stainless steel needs to choose and buy different materials of stainless steel according to their own needs.