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Rolled copper foil
Apr 23, 2018

Rolled copper foil, copper foil by copper with positive percentage of other metal forging and become, general 90 foil and copper foil 88 foil two kinds, namely the copper content of 90% and 90%, the standard for the 16 * 16 cm copper foil is decorated the most versatile material.

Industry with the copper foil can be divided into common rolled copper foil (RA copper foil) and electrolytic copper foil (ED copper foil) two categories, which rolled copper foil has good ductility features, is the early soft board copper foil used in the process, and electrolytic copper foil is with the advantages of low capital is rolled copper foil. Because the copper foil is the important raw material of the soft plate, the improvement of the characteristics of the copper foil and the change of the cost have certain influence on the soft plate industry.

Because the fruit of the rolled copper foil manufacturers is less, and also on the technology in the hands of parts manufacturers, so the customer on the price and supply of master degree is low, so without affecting the product performance under the premise of use electrolytic copper foil instead of rolled copper foil is feasible disposal methods. But if in the future several years due to the structure of copper foil physical characteristics will affect the elements of etching, in fine lines or thin of product, and high frequency products for the telecommunications, the importance of the rolled copper foil will again.

Due to the threshold of the copper material origin and rolling technology, thus the global capacity of rolled copper foil extremely concentrated in a handful of manufacturers, so we estimate the production capacity can be produced general global rolled copper foil, the person that produce global the first of the rolled copper foil is day Nippon Mining, (Japan), yasuo Fukuda metal, unisoft metal, Olin brass (USA) and Hitachi Cable (Japan), Microhard (Japan).

There are two obstacles to the production of copper foil, the obstruction of resources and the obstruction of technology. The hindrance of resources means that the production of copper foil should be supported by copper material, which is very important to possess the resources. On the other hand, technical obstacles prevent more new participants from taking steps, as well as the technique of surface treatment or oxidation disposal, in addition to the calendering technology. Most of the global plants have many technical patents and key technologies Know How to increase barriers to entry. If the new participants are not able to successfully participate in the shopping mall, they will not be able to participate in the shopping mall successfully. Therefore, the global copper foil is still in the exclusive market.

Rolled copper foil is made from high purity (99.99%) of the cathode copper raw materials according to certain technological process, the temperature of smelting, casting, hot rolling, rolling, heat treatment, multichannel cold rolling and finishing process. The resulting products rolled copper foil is also called: red copper foil rolling, rolling pure copper foil or pure copper foil, purple copper foil, etc.

It has the characteristics of good conductive performance, good ductility, good heat dissipation and good toughness. It is widely used in communication, computer, radio and other electronic components, as well as wire and cable shielding material and FPC circuit board and flexible circuit board. In addition, the rolled copper foil is a kind of high purity and high precision copper products with superior performance and many USES.