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Looking at the new opportunity of steel industry from the two sessions
May 25, 2017

The two sessions will examine the major issues related to the socioeconomic development of the nation, and in the context of the slowdown in China's economic growth this year, how the government plans to deal with the new normality of the economy? The 2015 is the key year for China to deepen reform comprehensively, which is the year of "Twelve-Five" Planning and "Thirteen-Five plan", and what impact will it have on the steel industry? This is a matter of concern to the industry.

We read from the following points: first, the impact of the economic growth target to about 7% on the steel industry from the figures, this year's economic growth target may be the lowest one years since 21st century, even the 2008 economic crisis, has maintained 9.6% growth. And from 2003 to 2013, 11 years, economic growth in the two-digit year has remained 6 years, from 2012 only gradually fell to below 8%, indicating that the new economic conditions, economic development in the gradual adjustment process back to the current growth of the medium-speed track. In this year's report on government work, the number of summaries is small and there is a lot to be done in 2015. The downward pressure on the economy is visible, as Premier Li Keqiang said, "This year's difficulties may be greater than last year". Economic slowdown is not only to adapt to the requirements of deepening reform under the new normal, but also to formulate a new growth strategy under the new normal embodiment.