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Introduction to galvanized steel products
Jun 04, 2018


Galvanized steel plate is divided into ordinary electrolytic plate and fingerprint resistant electrolytic plate. Fingerprint resistant plate is added on the basis of ordinary electrolytic plate, which is resistant to fingerprint treatment and can resist perspiration. It is commonly used on parts that are not treated at all. The brand name is secc-n. The common electrolytic plate is also divided into phosphating plate and passivating plate. The passivating plate is divided into oil - coated and non - coated.

For example:

Hot dip galvanized steel plate (SGCC) has one advantage over electric galvanized steel plate (SECC). SECC bending and section are easy to rust, and SGCC is much better! The high quality cases are usually made of SECC or SGCC galvanized steel. The cases made of this material have bright color and metallic luster.

Electrogalvanized steel plate (SECC) : uniform grey, mainly imported, fingerprint resistant, excellent corrosion resistance, and cold rolling plate processing. USES: electrical appliances, computer case and some door panel, Shanghai baosteel can produce, but the quality of zinc layer is much worse than abroad.

Hot-dip zinc steel plate (SGCC) : dip, bright white, small spangles, actually it is hard to see how the zinc flower, big zinc flower can clearly see that kind of hexagonal flower piece, there is no domestic steel mills to produce high quality materials, mainly imported from abroad, Taiwan has chinasteel, shengyu steel corporation two can produce. Main characteristics: corrosion resistance; The lacquer on sex; Formability; Spot welding. USES: extremely extensive, small electrical appliance product, the appearance is good place, but compared with SECC, its price is a little more expensive, many manufacturers have used SECC to save cost.

Divided by zinc, the size of zinc flowers and the thickness of the zinc layer can explain the quality of zinc, the smaller the thicker the better. Of course, don't forget to let the manufacturer add resistant fingerprint treatment. It is also possible to distinguish them by their coatings: for example, Z12 represents the total amount of two-sided coatings, 120g/mm. Such as:

Aluminium-zinc plated steel plate (SGLD) : it is a kind of polyphase alloy material containing rich aluminum and zinc. Because of the properties of aluminum and zinc, it has better performance than hot dip galvanized steel (SGCC). Main features: corrosion resistance, its ability is much higher than SGCC; Heat resistance; Heat conduction and thermal reflectance; Formability; Weldability. USES: used in places that require good reflexes, such as reflectors inside ovens and electric cookers. Taiwan shengyu steel corporation is capable of production. There is no domestic steel plant that can be produced. The price is much higher than SGCC. Hot dip zinc plate (SGCC) is commonly used, aluminum zinc plate (SGLD) is deep stamping, SGCE is ultra deep stamping.

Quality inspection standard

The quality requirements for high grade galvanized sheets include dimensions, surface, amount of galvanized, chemical composition, shape, machine function and packaging.

1. packaging

It is divided into two types: galvanized sheet with fixed length cut and galvanized sheet with coil. General iron sheet packaging, lined with moisture-proof paper, with iron waist outside tie, tie firmly, to prevent the internal galvanized sheet from rubbing against each other.

2. size

The dimension thickness, length and width of the galvanized sheet and its allowable faults are specified in the product dimensions (as shown below and below). In addition, the width and length of the board and the width of the volume can also be determined according to the user's request.

3. The surface of the

General situation: galvanized sheet has different treatment methods and general situation due to the difference in coating process, such as general zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, zinc flower and phosphating treatment. Zinc-coated sheets and galvanized coils cut to a fixed length shall not have any defects affecting their use (as set out below), but the coils shall be allowed to have welded parts and other non-deformed sections.

4. Galvanized quantity

Zincification scale: zincification is a widely used method to indicate zinc-thickness of galvanized sheet. There are two kinds of zinc plating on two sides (i. e. equal thickness galvanizing) and two kinds of zinc plating on two sides (i. e. difference thickness galvanizing). The unit of zinc content is g/m2.

5. The machine function

(1) tensile test: generally speaking, as long as the galvanized sheet used for layout, stretching and deep drawing has the requirement of tensile function.

(2) bending experiment: it is an important item for weighing the process function of thin plate. But the request of different kinds of galvanized sheet is different in fact. Generally, after the galvanized sheet is bent 180o, no zinc layer shall leave the outer profile, and no cracks or cracks shall be found in the plate base.

6. Chemical composition

The request for chemical composition of galvanized substrate is divided among different countries. If Japan does not, the United States does. Generally, no product inspection is made.

7. Strip shape

The balance sheet has two targets, flatness and sickle bend. The flatness of the plate and the maximum allowable value scale of sickle bending are delimited.