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How to conduct regular maintenance?
Apr 28, 2018

1. Clean the lubricating oil pool inside the bed body of the combination roll machine, the inner and the bottom of the platform, and lubricate the lubricating oil pump with gasoline, not less than twice a year.

2. The lifting screw is lubricated once every two months with aluminum disulfide.

3. Adjustment of each part of the combined roll machine:

(1) the adjustment of spindle lubrication must ensure that a drop of oil is passed every minute.

(2) the workbench vertical screw transmission clearance adjustment, adjust every 3 months or adjusted according to actual use condition, the requirement is fully reduce transmission clearance, clearance of a ball screw is not more than 1/40 turn, at the same time can not have stuck in full length.

(3) the work to the screw axial clearance adjustment, the purpose is to eliminate transmission clearance between screw and nut, but also make the screw in the axis direction to minimize the fitting clearance between the workbench.

(4) adjust the radial clearance of spindle bearing and adjust it according to actual usage.