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Galvanized Standard
May 25, 2017

This standard reference Iso3575 1996 "Commodity grade, fixed molding stage and stamping grade continuous hot dip galvanized carbon steel Sheet", ISO41996 "structural-grade continuous hot-dip galvanized carbon thin steel plate" and Dinen10142 2000 "continuous hot-dip galvanized Structural steel plate and steel strip technical conditions", Din10147 "cold forming with low carbon steel continuous hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and steel strip supply technical conditions" and the state of the specific situation to the Gb T 2518 " Continuous hot-dip galvanized thin steel sheet and steel strip were revised.

This standard replaces Gb t 2518 "continuous hot-dip galvanized thin steel plate and strip".

Compared with Gb T 2518, the following main technical content has been modified:

--to increase normative reference documents, technical requirements, information provided by the required parties, inspection, retest, inspection and acceptance;

--to increase the thickness range of hot-rolled pickling strip as the base material of galvanized steel sheet;

--to increase the content of chemical composition of galvanized steel sheet;

--to increase the structural grade galvanized steel series varieties;

--Increase the type of zinc-free zinc plating layer;

--to increase the coating weight of the plating classification;

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