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Application of cold rolled steel plate of baosteel
May 25, 2018

Application of cold rolled steel plate of baosteel: cold rolled steel plate of baosteel is made of ordinary carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel. The surface quality of cold rolled plate is better. Good stamping performance. Its requirements to ensure the cold bending and cup test qualified, often used in automobile and other industries and coating materials.

Baosteel cold rolling steel plate mainly include all kinds of high quality cold rolled sheet steel, carbon structural steel plate is the most commonly used, especially in deep drawing with cold-rolled steel sheet, is made up of high quality low carbon steel 08 al sheet, cold rolled steel sheet surface quality is divided into three groups according to; Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, especially senior, senior, said high finishing surface, according to the drawing are divided into government, HF, F (representative to flush system drawing the most complicated, very complicated, complex parts), according to the steel plate thickness deviation, allowed is divided into A, B two levels of precision, widely used in automobile tractor industry.

Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate, smooth surface, good processing, used for automobile, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances, as well as industrial equipment, various building materials. With the development of economy, cold-rolled steel plate has been called the necessary material of modern society. Cold rolling product classification: hot - rolling pickling, rolling hard roll, ordinary cold rolling, galvanized (electrogalvanizing, fingerprint resistance, hot galvanizing), aluminized zinc, galvanized tin, color coating, electrical steel (silicon steel sheet), etc.

1. Hot-rolled pickling:

2. Hard rolling: continuous rolling of hot rolling pickling rolls at room temperature.

Baosteel cold-rolled steel sheet product features: because there is no after annealing treatment, the hardness is very high (HRB is greater than 90), mechanical processing performance is poor, only simple has directivity of less than 90 degree bend processing (perpendicular to the direction of the winding).

Application scope of cold rolled steel plate of baosteel:

(1) ordinary cold rolling after annealing;

(2) galvanizing by galvanizing unit with annealing pretreatment device;

(3) panels that do not require processing.

Steel cdcm-spcc (SPCD, SPCE, ST12, ST13, ST14, BLC, BLD, BUSD, BUFD, BSUFD, etc.) is commonly used in cold rolled steel plate of baosteel, but its performance is basically the same.

Baosteel cold-rolled steel plate product features:

(1) good durability, longer life than galvanized steel;

(2) it has good heat resistance and is less likely to change color at high temperature than galvanized steel.

(3) good thermal reflectance;

(4) gorgeous silver-white surfaces;

(5) similar processing performance and spraying performance to galvanized steel plate;

(6) good welding performance.

Application scope of cold rolled steel plate of baosteel: high requirements in the industry of galvanized sheet.